BLCK Cola Nicotine pouch Details:

Very popular and every party goers best friend, blck Cola has a rich and familiar classical cola flavor which is suitable for every moment.


Nicotine content in one gram is 12mg.

This tobacco-free product is just for those who want a nice cola nicotine pouches and a smaller amount of nicotine!

Subtle and tasty. Suitable for new users as well as people who like to simply enjoy their dose of nicotine and play around with refreshing & juicy flavours. Quality ingredients and smooth nicotine absorption will let users enjoy their nicotine dose to the fullest. BLCK is the new black.

Who Prepares BLCK Cola?

BLCK Cola produced by the NGP Empire Sweden. This all white pouch gives a fresh mint scent and refreshing cola. Nicotine strength resides in 12 mg per pouch. The pouch is a soft line up of killa and pablo made from three different types of cellulose that gives a longer absorption of Nicotine and effect also.

Does It stain your teeth?

This is an all white tobacco free snus that does not stain teeth.